About Us

The Swagcraft® Media Company is a ‘bespoke’ image management & Production company. As a full service image management firm, we apply the creative intuition of our team to help build and sustain the needed buzz our clients require. As a proactive Production Management company, our aspirations and endeavors are usually on a global scale. Far be it from us also to adopt the one-size fits all approach to the unique needs of our clients. In all that we do, our image development & production strategies can be summarized in one word: ‘SURGICAL’

In representing the public interests of our clientele we always endeavor to go beyond the vagueness of just buying media but also make it our duty to:

  1. Send out the right message
  2. Target the right audience
  3. And do so within a reasonable and affordable budget for our clients.


Our Name

The name Swagcraft was coined from two words: swagger (verb) and craft, the former meaning “to walk with a lofty proud gait”. And ‘SWAG’ being the urban lingo or abbreviation for the word swagger, while the latter word Craft- means people who perform a particular kind of skilled work. So in summary we are in the craft of building larger than life brands.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide a unique blend of Media management & Concert Promotion services on a global scale to our clients that are effective, affordable, sustainable and best of all measurable.